Lorain/Medina Community Based Correctional Facility
Mission: To ensure public safety by reducing recidivism.




The Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS) is a dynamic risk/needs assessment system used with adult offenders. ORAS provides the Courts, Probation Departments, CBCFs and others with an effective assessment tool to determine appropriate sanctions and interventions for individual offenders. Based on that information, effective case plans can be developed and services tailored to address individual needs.


Based on the ORAS, the following classes may be part of a resident's program plan at the CBCF:

     Criminal and Addictive Thinking

     Thinking for a Change

     Drug and Alcohol Education

     Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model

     Relapse Prevention

     Domestic Violence

     Anger Management

     Cognitive Skills





Community Based Correctional Facilities (CBCFs) are residential programs that provide comprehensive programming for offenders on felony probation. CBCFs provide a wide range of programming addressing offender needs such as chemical dependency, education, employment, and family relationships. A Facility Governing Board, comprised of appointees of local Common Pleas Court Judges and County Commissioners, is responsible for oversight of the facility.

Lorain/Medina CBCF

The Lorain/Medina CBCF provides the Common Pleas Courts of the two participating counties with an economical, local alternative to state prison commitments for 62 male and 18 female, adult, felony offenders.  The goal of the facility is to provide a range of services that will offer each resident the best opportunity to successfully reintegrate into their home community. The first male resident was admitted in November, 1997 and the first female resident was admitted in October, 2005. The CBCF has been accredited  by the American Correctional Association since 2003.