The facility has entered into an agreement with inmate phone service provider - IC Solutions.  IC Solutions integrates with our commissary system from Keefe - families will not need to deposit funds in two different accounts.  Residents will be able to make calls against the current balance in their Keefe Accounts, this eliminates the need for pre-paid calling cards.  Additionally, the rate fee schedule (at left) for phone calls is directly in line with current FCC guidelines.  Some calls will be lower in cost and others higher, but charges will only be made for actual minutes on the phone - no flat rate/per call fees will be charged.

Resident phones are located in the dayroom area and equipped for outgoing calls only.  The hours of use are from 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.  Residents will be provided with a PIN number in order to make a phone call on resident phones.  When making an initial phone call the resident will be prompted to record their name, which will be used for all calls out. 

If family or friends have a block on their phone, or are experiencing other difficulties with the phone system, Please call or contact IC Solutions. 


Resident Commissary services are provided through the Keefe Commissary Network.  Residents may purchase food and other items through kiosks available in the day rooms using funds available on their commissary account.   The facility does not place a limit on the purchases made through commissary.  Commissary orders are delivered once a week and residents must complete orders by Thursdays at 10:00 AM.

Families should note that charges from the CBCF for medications or other items purchased directly through the CBCF will be charged to a resident account prior to funds becoming available for commissary

Access Corrections

Family and friends may place funds in a resident commissary account via Access Corrections.  Three options for using this service are available to family and friends

The first option is by calling toll-free 1-866-345-1884 and using a credit or debit card.  The call is toll free and the charge for the deposit can be as low as $3.95.

The second option is by internet deposit at: External link opens in new tab or by using a debit card or credit card. Internet deposit charges are as low as $2.95.

The third option is to use the Kiosk in the Lobby of the CBCF.  The kiosk will accept cash and credit/debit cards and will be available during normal business hours as well as during visitation.  The Kiosk will only take cash in denominations of $5. $10, $20, $50 and $100 and there will be a $4.00 per transaction charge when using cash in the Lobby Kiosk.  Charges for deposits using credit or debit cards at the Kiosk will vary based on the amount deposited.

Funds will be available to the individual resident's commissary account within 30 minutes upon transaction approval.

Please note the following:

1.  The CBCF will not accept payments to Residents Accounts in any form.

2.  There is a $300 dollar per day limit to deposits made into a residents commissary account.

Resident Mail

Residents may send unlimited amounts of first class mail provided they have the stamps to do so. Residents may receive unlimited amounts of incoming mail; however, only 5 letters are permitted in their personal property at any time. All incoming mail is date stamped and hand inspected for contraband by CBCF staff before delivery to the resident. Pictures will be looked at for compliance with the facility standards. Pornographic or sexually suggestive photos are not permitted, as well as photographs that depict alcohol, drugs, gang material, or other material deemed objectionable by the staff. Polaroid photographs are not accepted. A resident will be notified if their incoming mail is returned or outgoing mail is withheld. If a resident received items that do not comply with facility standards, the items will be sent out at their expense. Residents will be given the option of having items destroyed if they choose not to send them out.

Money orders that are received in the mail will not be accepted.

Any incoming correspondence from the courts, attorney of record, or public officials will be opened and inspected in the resident's presence by an appointed staff member.

Residents who cannot afford writing supplies may obtain writing paper, envelopes and stamps (one stamp per letter) for two first class letters per week. Writing materials may be requested through CBCF staff. Stamps will be placed on outgoing mail by CBCF staff.

Outgoing mail must be addressed with the complete name and address of the recipient. The return address must include the resident's full name and the address of the CBCF Envelopes cannot contain artwork, symbols or stickers.

Residents are not permitted to send or receive mail from any other correctional facilities or from individuals subject protection orders.